Conquest in all its Contexts
A Choctaw Tale

November 1st 1831, Memphis

I just turned nineteen last month, and as far as I can recall I used to have a good life, a good childhood, a good family and no burden in my life. But a life can change dramatically in the blink of an eye. I haven’t seen my parents for about two weeks now; when the army drove us all away from my home town, Ahi Apet Okla. They told us we were going to be relocated somewhere over the west, but as you can imagine the journey hasn’t been nice and there’s been trouble on my mind, I can’t find them… I just hope when we get there I’ll get to see them just one more time, to soothe the recurring thoughts of regret that trouble my mind.

At this moment I’m in Memphis, one of the two groups of my people were gathered here and the group in Vicksburg. Maybe my parents are there. Anyways, we were told that tomorrow we are boarding a ferry named “the Brandywine”. The floods make it impossible to walk or ride wagons, and just to make it worse snow is falling in worrying quantities. Food is running out, and to be completely honest I don’t know what’s better to eat or not to eat, because I’m tired of eating the same: a handful of boiled corn, one tunip and two cups of water.